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AJ Roofing – No.1 Roofing Contractors in Trivandrum, started off as a roofing company offering all Commercial and Residential roofing installation and repair, or roof replacement and coating services. As we grew and gained more experience, we added more services to our portfolio 


Your roofing system keeps water from damaging your interior space and your valuables. A properly installed roof can protect your home for decades being the best Roofing Contractors in Trivandrum .


The process of installing an additional roof covering over a prepared existing roof covering without removing the existing roof covering


Regular maintenance keeps your roof in good condition. Consequently, your roof also keeps its looks for longer.

Roofing Services

Smoothing out rough spots on roof to prepare the surface for new shingles or waterproofing.
Best Roofing Company in Trivandrum.

Roofing works

Aluminium Roofing

Best Roofing Company in Trivandrum

Aluminium is probably the most preferred roofing material today due to its ability to deflect sunlight and keep the home cool even in summers. Hence it is more energy efficient compared to other materials. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain as well.

Poly-Carbonate roofing

Best Roofing Company in Trivandrum

Polycarbonate transparent roofing sheets allow light to come in and their mouldability enables them to be shaped as per our requirement. They are strong, shatterproof, and lightweight making them easy and less time-consuming to install.

Ceramic Tile Roofing

Best Roofing Company in Trivandrum

Ceramic tiles are designed mainly to keep out rain, and are traditionally made from locally available materials such as terracotta or slate. 

Clay Tile Roofing

Best Roofing Company in Trivandrum

Tile roofing uses two main materials, clay and ceramic. Tile roofs are easy to install and resistant to rotting and attack by insects.

shingles roofing

Best Roofing Company in Trivandrum

Shingles are easy to install and can be pretty much installed on any kind of roof. They have long durability, easy maintenance, and are fire resistant. Shingles are available in a variety of materials, designs, colors, and features.

truss work

Best Roofing Company in Trivandrum

We are experienced in Truss work and offer customers a best solution based on their requirements. Steel trusses are stronger, light in weight, easy to transport and can be fabricated in any desired pattern to suit the architectural requirement

GI roofing

Best Roofing Company in Trivandrum

Galvanized iron sheets are the most common material used as they are cost-efficient, highly durable, and do not rust. They are attractive, and also available in a wide range of aesthetic colors that suit the environment.

Onduline roofing

Best Roofing Company in Trivandrum

Onduline is a single-layer, lightweight roofing solution that is long-lasting, retains its color over a long period without fading and surface peeling. The result is a flexible and cost-effective product that provides weather protection, sound, and thermal insulation – even in the most extreme climatic conditions. It is waterproof and cannot rust or become brittle.  

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